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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Corfu: Old Perithia

From The Independent

"Cooler, greener, quieter and arguably cleaner (Mark and his Dutch wife Saskia have a strict no-litter policy) than most villages on the island, this is the ultimate destination for an authentic Greek getaway for those in the know".

Dorchester Retail Developments Event, 26 September 2017; Points of View, Visions for the Future

From Dorset For You - "Our aim is for Dorchester to become a destination town. People can enjoy a rich variety of cultural, retail and leisure experiences".

Tuesday 26 September: a public engagement event held at South Walks House.

G L Hearn Report, Dorchester Town Centre, Development Potential, Final Report, July 2016 (pdf)


See also, View from Dorchester, 20 September, 2017:

"Petition calls for affordable homes but not shops"

From Dorchester Voice:

People will get the chance to have their say on plans for the town at a public engagement event on Tuesday, 26 September. A presentation on new developments will be shown at 5:30pm and again at 7pm at South Walks House council offices. Cllr John Russell, leader of the Dorchester retail members’ working group, said: “We realise future plans have to be viable, welcomed and right for residents, businesses, customers and communities. We want to engage with the public.”

Local Liberal and Labour Party views:

‘Abandon plans to move historic market’

Town masterplan 'lacks inspiration' - Dorset Echo

“These plans completely ignore Dorchester’s heritage and their aim is to turn the town into one big shopping centre,” said Claudia Sorin of Dorchester Labour Party...Barry Thompson, also of Dorchester Labour, added: “I recently counted more than 30 empty retail units in the town centre and nine at Brewery Square. The council should be looking to support businesses in South Street and the High Street rather than bring in big retailers. Building homes in the town for local workers would also reduce the amount of traffic. Traffic congestion and air pollution has become a serious problem in Dorchester; there’s nothing in these plans about it.”

Probably a good idea to go along to the presentations and discussions on 26 September! Contrasting visions and priorities for the future of Dorchester town centre.

Large retail and more shopping units - or better preservation and display of the rich archaeological heritage, combined with retention of the traditional market and the building of more affordable housing?

Either way, Dorchester could become an even more attractive destination market town. It's a wonderful place to live.